About the Park

NOTICE: The prairie at Newell Recreation Preserve was intentionally burned following a detailed prescribed burn plan to improve wildlife and pollinator habitat. Prescribed fire is a safe and cost-effective tool to reduce undesirable plants, improve soil conditions and promote native plants. The burn was conducted Tuesday, April 11, 2023.
Newell Recreation Preserve:
* Provides a critical connection on the Ohio-to-Erie Trail between Knox & Delaware counties
* 40 acres – has existing wetlands, and a native plant prairie in progress
* Property dedicated on July 17, 2020
* Bike trail connection Grand Opening was on June 25, 2022

The preserve has a total of 40 acres: 8 acres of wetlands, and 32 acres that have been planted with prairie grasses and pollinator flowers.  This preserve includes a high-quality wetland and multiple vernal pools that will be preserved and protected.   In addition, the preserve serves as a connection between Delaware and Knox counties on the Ohio-to-Erie Trail, a cross-state bikeway that extends from the Ohio River in Cincinnati to Lake Erie at Cleveland.

It was the intent of the Newell Family that this preserve be set aside to offer an educational opportunity to capture early Ohio history, to honor those Native Americans, and all those since that were able to live and prosper on this land. They are our ancestors and we are the purveyors for future generations.

A bronze plaque is being constructed to memorialize this important preserve and reads:

Newell Recreation Preserve

The Newell Recreation Preserve is named in honor of Owen Davis Newell and Betty (Anderson) Newell. This preserve was dedicated on July 17, 2020 for the purpose of the preservation of the natural wetlands, connection of the Ohio to Erie Trail and returning a portion of the preserve to its original native state. This preserve will provide educational opportunities about the native people who lived here and the flora that once helped sustain human life.

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