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Licking Park District Trail Status:

Licking Park District Trail Status:
Taft Reserve Trail Closure-
Trails at Taft Reserve will be Closed to the PUBLIC (Horse and all other users) on Wednesday Nov 22 until 1pm for a special event occurring on the trails at Taft.

Trails at Infirmary Mound Park and Lobdell Reserve will remain open to horses and all users during the Taft closure.

Taft trails will re-open at 1pm on Wednesday Nov 22.

Bike Trail Notices and Closures:
TJ Evans Trail Closure just west of Reddington Road
The TJ Evans Bike Trail closure continues just west of Reddington Rd toward Granville, where the new bridge connecting to Thornwood Crossing will be located.
During this time, it will be imperative that no one use the trail, due to pile driving operations being so close the trail within the radius of the crane boom. We will post a new notice when this area re-opens.

TJ Evans Trail underneath Rt 16 – Closed
…The trail remains closed underneath Rt 16 for bridge replacement demolition and construction. (between Reddington Rd and Granville)

***For your safety, please observe all trail closure signs and instructions from work crews. Do Not cross into closed areas.

Remember to ~Call Before You Haul~
…to the 24/7 trail hotline, or check our Facebook page or Website before heading out for the trails at any of our park locations.

Trail Hotline 740.349.4823

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