Kayak & Canoe Launches

GRANVILLE, OHIO (June 24, 2023) Do you enjoy kayaking or canoeing? If so, you may want to load up your vehicle and check out our kayak and canoe launches at both Riverview Reserve (375 Ohio Street, Newark, OH) and Staddens Landing (11059 Staddens Bridge Road, Newark, OH).

The distance from Riverview Reserve to Staddens Landing is approximately 4 miles. If you care to paddle a little longer, you might want to put your boat in at Staddens Landing and travel down the Licking River to the Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve. This is approximately an 8-mile trip.

Please be sure to be safe on your voyage. A few safety tips include:
● Always boat with a friend.
● Wear a life jacket at all times, regardless of the temperature or your swimming ability.
● Tell a family member what you are doing, where you will paddling, and what time you
expect to be done. Contact the person when you are done with your trip.
● Do not overload or unevenly load your boat.
● If the water looks too hazardous to swim, DON’T boat in it.
● Carry plenty of drinking water and sunscreen.
● Stay updated on changing weather and water conditions.
● Never boat on flooded rivers.
● Avoid strainers and obstructions such as overhanging branches, downed trees, and log
● Carry a cell phone and whistle. If you do not have a dry bag, a good zip-lock bag will do.

For more boating safety tips, visit Ohiodnr.com.

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