About Licking Park District

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Licking Park District is to acquire, manage, preserve, and conserve natural areas within Licking County, while protecting wildlife and local history in a manner that enriches our communities and provides access to diverse parks, educational opportunities and health and wellness activities.


Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Licking Park District to provide parks, paths, and trails of the highest quality to the residents of Licking County. Our goal is to maintain and improve existing facilities while pursuing opportunities for expansion. We provide passive recreational opportunities for the health, wellness, and education of our residents using resources that include public and private collaborations.


The Licking Park District manages 1,600 acres on ten sites across Licking County. We also manage 26 miles of paved multi-use trails.

The office of the Licking Park District is located at Infirmary Mound Park. It is a white brick building near the silo, and can be accessed by the north entrance to the park, off of Rt. 37.

Physical Address

4309 Lancaster Road, Granville, OH  43023

Mailing Address

PO Box 590, Granville, OH  43023





Park and Bike Trail Rules

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Park Rules
Bike Trail Rules
Mirror Lake Boating Rules
Morris Woods State Nature Preserve Rules


….Use of Metal Detectors
No person shall use a metal detector within or adjacent to
the park, without a specific written permit from the
Director to do so. If a permit is issued, all found items are
the property of the park and will be left to the discretion of
the Director if the item will be given to the
finder. Exceptions would include personal items lost by
the permit holder.


….Aircraft, Balloon, Parachute, Drones, Remote Control Aircraft, Etc.
No person shall voluntarily bring, land or cause to
descent, or alight upon or adjacent to the park lands and/or
water owned or controlled or used by the Licking Park
District, any airplane, flying machine, drone, hot air balloon,
glider, parachute or other apparatus for aviation,
except by specific written permit from the Director to do so.
Note: “Voluntarily,” shall mean anything other than a forced landing. Any landing other than one caused by mechanical or structural failure of the aircraft or any of its parts shall be deemed to have been made voluntarily and this shall include landings by error or oversight, negligence or failure to comply with any Civil Aeronautics Authority regulations or rulings.

Park Board of Commissioners

The Park District is governed by a 5-member Board of Park Commissioners appointed by the Probate Judge of Licking County.  Park Commissioners serve overlapping, three-year terms without compensation.  The Board develops and implements policy, buys, sells and holds title to property, assesses taxes, and has the final authority in financial matters.

The Board appoints a director to manage day-to-day operations and to represent the Board regarding daily matters.

The Park Commissioners meet  on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6pm at Infirmary Mound Park – James Bradley Center.

Jim Kiracofe, Chair               (term: Jan 1, 2023 – Dec 31, 2025)
Adam Jenkins, Vice-Chair    (term: Feb 9, 2022 – Feb 9, 2025)
Sam White                            (term: Feb 9, 2022 – Feb 9, 2025)
Ashley Campbell                  (term: Jan 1, 2023 – Dec 31, 2025)
Jeremy King                          (term: Jan 20, 2024 – Dec 31, 2026)

A small green frog resting upon a green leaf
A large grass trail that cuts through a field surrounded by plants and trees
A white brick house
A group of people exploring through a field