ODOT Grant Award

GRANVILLE, OHIO (May 10, 2022) The Licking Park District has received an ODOT TAP (Transportation Alternative Program) grant for construction of a multi-use trail extension of the Buckeye Scenic Trail (BST). The BST currently runs 5.5 miles from Hopewell Dr in Heath south to US 40.

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Spotlight on Taft Reserve

GRANVILLE, OHIO (April 19, 2022) Taft Reserve is the Licking Park District’s largest park with 425 acres. It has two entrances at the north and south boundaries of the reserve.
Taft North: 10250 Flint Ridge Rd, Heath, OH 43056
Taft South: 10383 Fairview Rd SE, Heath, OH 43056
Horse trailer parking is available at both entrances. There are 8+ miles of trails for visitors to hike, bike, and horseback ride within this spacious and beautiful natural area.

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New Baskets at Lobdell Disc Golf Course

GRANVILLE, OHIO (March 31, 2022) Out with the old, in with the new! Nineteen new baskets were installed at the Lobdell Disc Golf Course as part of a partnership between the Licking Park District and the Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club. With these new baskets, the Lobdell course will remain one of the top courses in the state. With their donation and installation of the new baskets, the Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club continued their volunteer service in assisting with the maintenance of the Lobdell course. The new baskets will meet the modern-day disc-catching requirements of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) for different tiers of tournaments: C-tier, B-tier, A-tier, and Elite series.

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2021 Volunteer of the Year – Jack Long

GRANVILLE, OHIO (March 22, 2022) The Licking Park District’s Volunteer of the Year award recognizes individuals who exhibit enthusiasm for their volunteer service, leadership characteristics for the projects they lead, and willingness to promote volunteerism in others. The Licking Park District is proud to name Jack Long as our Volunteer of the Year for 2021!

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Spotlight on Lobdell Reserve

ALEXANDRIA, OHIO (February 28, 2022) Lobdell Reserve, located at 3100 Mounts Rd NW in Alexandria, is a beautiful 210 acre natural space with approximately 8 miles of trails ranging from easy to moderately challenging, so beginner hikers or those with more experience can all enjoy. Roaming the trails, you will walk through many diverse environments including a rich, shaded forest habitat with many tall trees and understory greenery, restored wetland, prairie, and the stream corridor of Lobdell Creek, for which the park was named. There are many cliffs around the park to hike to, that allow visitors to see the stunning scenic views that Lobdell has to offer.

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Spotlight on Infirmary Mound Park

GRANVILLE, OHIO (February 9, 2022) Located just south of Granville on State Route 37, Infirmary Mound Park (IMP) is home to 316 acres of various habitats for wildlife, as well as plenty of recreational space for park visitors. There are many ways to enjoy over 7 miles of trails, whether it be hiking, biking, horseback riding, or birdwatching. Traversing the trails, you will see beautiful, diverse environments including forest, open woodland, prairie, and wetland, that many animals call home. The park district, in conjunction with USFW, planted 36 acres of pollinator flowers and prairie grass at IMP. It will be spectacular as it matures over the next few years. Several small playground areas and shelters are located around the park, as well as our Nature Playscape. Its first phase was completed in 2021, and contains natural features providing unstructured, hands-on outdoor learning opportunities for all children.

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Johnstown Dog Park is Open!

GRANVILLE, OHIO (January 26, 2022) Dogs are now able to frolic off-leash at the new Johnstown Dog Park, which enjoyed its grand opening on November 12, 2021!

Made possible through collaboration between the Licking Park District and Village of Johnstown, the Johnstown Dog Park features small and large dog sections, complete with secure double-gate entryways, shade trees, pet waste stations, and safe fencing, for both pets and owners to enjoy.

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2021 Bike Trail Berm Project

GRANVILLE, OHIO (December 10, 2021) Following the completion of our recent paving project, the Licking Park District placed ground concrete berm material along the sides of some of the newly paved sections. After several asphalt overlays, the drop off on the sides of the trails can become pretty steep, and berming is an added safety feature for walkers and bikers.

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Phase 1 Playscape Complete

GRANVILLE, OHIO (November 12, 2021) The first phase of the Nature Playscape at Infirmary Mound Park is complete. The first phase features a serpentine hill that varies in height from 2.5ft to 5ft tall. Two tunnels run under the hill and a 4ft and 5ft slide bracket each end. Onsite Osage Orange trees, whose wood is extremely long lasting, were used to create climbing opportunities. Logs invite balancing and jumping and an inverted tree offers a unique climbing experience. The existing swing set has been outfitted with new seats, including an inclusive JennSwing. The JennSwing is a full body swing that offers children up to 125lbs with special needs the chance to experience the exhilaration of swinging and is designed to meet the American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for playground equipment. This area is aimed at young children to encourage unstructured nature play in a way that inspires creativity, exploration, and hands-on learning.

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Bike Trail Leaf Blowing

GRANVILLE, OHIO (October 4, 2021) The Licking Park District strives to maintain our bike trails at the highest level possible. Trails including the Buckeye Scenic Trail, Panhandle Trail & the TJ Evans Trail from W. Main Street in Newark to Johnstown were recently blown clean by Licking Park District staff. Wet leaves and fallen walnuts create hazards for bike riders and pedestrians.

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