Thermoplastic Mile Markers on TJ Evans Trail

GRANVILLE, OHIO (November 17, 2020) The Licking Park District in conjunction with the Licking County Engineer’s office recently completed installation of thermoplastic mile markers on the TJ Evans trail from Johnstown to W Main St in Newark. The markings followed ODOT standards of starting from West to East. The marking began at the trailhead in Johnstown off Jersey St and continued for 14 miles to W. Main St in Newark.

Mile markers were placed every ½ mile, with a 6” square installed at each quarter mile. Mile markers were placed on the south side of the path. These new markers should be used if reporting any safety issues on the path or if emergency personnel are needed. There are 2 other sets of markers on the north side of the path that begin at different locations on the path, thereby leading to some confusion. These will be painted over in the near future so that only the official number set remains.

The new mile markers compliment the 4.5 miles of paving completed in 2020 along the TJ Evans Trail. The Licking Park District is planning to continue paving efforts in 2021 on other sections of the TJ Evans Bike Trail. Berming along the portion of path that was paved in 2020 is scheduled to begin this month.

The bike trail system in Licking County has been widely used during this unusual COVID impacted year. More people than ever have used the path for enjoying the outdoors while getting exercise. The Park District is committed to continually improving this important asset for our community. There’s still plenty of time to enjoy the trails. Hope to see you out there soon!

Do you want to help maintain your favorite section of bike trail? The Adopt-a-Trail Program is a volunteer opportunity for individuals, families, community and business groups to assist the Licking Park District in maintaining safe and well-groomed bike trails. Trail Adopters maintain their section of trail by picking up litter, trimming branches, clearing debris and hazards from the paved treadway, and reporting trail conditions. The Volunteer Coordinator provides on-site trail maintenance and inspection training. Becoming a Trail Adopter is a fun, easy way to get outside while showing your support and commitment to the future success and continued availability of the Licking County bike trail system. This is an independent, self-scheduled volunteer activity. To become an individual or group Trail Adopter, complete the volunteer application on our website or call (740) 587-2535.

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