Welcome to the Licking Park District: Parks

Our parks, preserves and reserves are ideal places to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty in Licking County. There are dozens of activities you can enjoy amidst woodlands, meadows, streams, wildflowers, glacial deposits, wetlands, a historical mound, ponds, a covered wooden bridge, and sandstone!

Our parks offer trails, shelters, gathering facilities, recreation courts and fields, special event arenas and fields, protective havens for wildlife, and more. Whether you’re here to have fun, learn, relax, observe, play, or attend an event…we welcome you!

Did you know you can enjoy all these activities through the Licking Park District’s facilities?

  • Fishing
  • Walking & Hiking
  • Horseback Riding & Events
  • Picnicking
  • Bird Watching
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Special Events
  • Photography
  • Geocaching
  • Geology
  • Recreation Games
  • Bicycling & Mountain Biking
  • Jogging/Running
  • Nature Observation & Study including bluebird trails
  • Disc Golf
  • Canoeing (launch site)
  • Education
  • Meetings/Gatherings
  • Orienteering trails (scouts)

4351 Lancaster Road, Granville, Ohio

3158 Mounts Road, Alexandria, Ohio

  • Click here for Lobdell Reserve Trail Map
  • 210-acre reserve, including woodlands, meadows, and beautiful stream corridor
  • Cliffs with scenic views
  • 8-mile of trails, ranging from easy to challenging
  • Great for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking
  • Championship caliber disc golfing course (5474 Battee Rd, Alexandria)
  • Pets allowed on leash
  • Please stay on marked paths

Taft Reserve North
10250 Flint Ridge Road, Newark, Ohio

Taft Reserve South
10383 Fairview Rd, Heath, Ohio

  • Click here for Taft Reserve Trail Map
  • 425-acre reserve, mostly meadows and woodlands
  • 8+ miles horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking trails
  • Please stay on marked paths
  • Pets allowed on leash

375 Ohio Street, Newark, Ohio

  • 110-acre preserve, follows Licking River through woodland and wetland habitats
  • Numerous species wildflowers & wildlife
  • Fishing
  • Canoe launch site
  • Ample parking

7495 Dutch Lane, Johnstown, Ohio

  • Click here for Morris Woods SNP Map
  • 107-acre forest (mostly beech-maple)
  • Managed by Licking Park District in cooperation with ODNR
  • Small lake and wetland area(s)
  • Wildlife
  • Wildflowers
  • No Pets on State Nature Preserve properties (except assistance animals)
  • No fishing or hunting
  • Please stay on marked paths

4839 Lobdell Road, Alexandria, Ohio

    In 2015, the Fritz Drumm Memorial Fund developed and opened for baseball and softball games, through a long-term lease agreement with the Licking Park District.  For more information on the use of this facility, contact Joyce Drumm, Director: 740.404.3922 or fritz14@live.com

155 Freeway Dr, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

  • 26-acre preserve, mainly wet wooded areas and glasslands
  • Wildlife haven among suburban/subdivision development and I-70
  • Access for educational purposes only. Permit required

101 Canal Road, Hebron, Ohio

  • Ohio Canal Greenway Map
  • 2.8-mile multi-purpose trail
  • Excellent bird-watching, fishing and hiking
  • Wooden covered bridge
  • Pets allowed on leash

11770 Wilkins Run Road Northeast, Newark, Ohio

  • 160-acre farm
  • Donated in 2007 by Donald & Margaret Boyd
  • Fascinating glacial deposits and formations
  • Permit required to access this property

6210 Grumms Lane, Newark, Ohio

  • 103-acre woodland
  • Impressive sandstone outcroppings
  • Wildflowers & Wildlife
  • Permit required to access this property

Mill Street Road, Pataskala, Ohio

  • 13-acre preserve
  • Haven for wildlife and plant life amidst suburban/subdivision development
  • Protects Muddy Fork Creek (tributary to south fork of Licking County)
  • Access for educational purposes only. Permit required

Welcome to the Licking Park District: Trails

Several parks feature miles of trails for everything from relaxing walks to healthy adventure! We invite you to grab your friend, your pet, your family, or just your camera and explore these trails:

Infirmary Mound Park: 7 miles of multi-purpose trails open to hikers, leashed pets, mountain bikers, and horses. Click here for Infirmary Mound Park map
(The Fairy Trail is located on the Wildflower Trail northeast of Mirror Lake)

Taft Reserve: 8 miles of multi-purpose trails open to hikers, leashed pets, mountain bikers, and horses.
Click here for Taft Reserve Trail Map

Lobdell Reserve: 8 miles of multi-purpose trails open to hikers, leashed pets, mountain bikers, and horses. Click here for Lobdell Reserve Trail Map

Riverview Preserve: 3 miles of trails open to hikers.

Ohio Canal Greenway: 2.8 mile multi-purpose trail open to hikers, leashed pets and mountain bikers. Ohio Canal Greenway Map

Morris Woods State Nature Preserve: 1.5 miles of trail open to hikers only. No pets permitted (except assistance animals).
Click here for Morris Woods SNP Map

Trail Hotline (740)349-4823 ~Call Before You Haul~

Trail Status:

Licking Park District

8-31-20 COVID-19 Notice
In response to the public health situation with COVID-19, Governor DeWine’s directives and the Ohio Department of Health’s guidance, the Licking Park District is providing limited, in-person programming and virtual programming opportunities, available through our website and Facebook. Our parks and trails will continue to be open for public use. This is an opportunity for families to take advantage of the great outdoors. We urge visitors to follow the latest directives from public health officials on physical/social distancing. Our office is closed to the public. For inquiries or to report trees down and other issues, please call 740-587-2535, or email us at info@LickingParkDistrict.com

For the latest information on the Licking Park District’s operations during the Coronavirus outbreak, Click here for 8-31-20 LPD COVID-19 update and follow us on our Facebook page. Thank you for your patience and be well! and follow us on our Facebook page. Thank you for your patience and be well!

Licking Park District Trail Status Update


Trails at Taft Reserve will be closed to the public on Saturday, October 24 until 1pm for a special event occurring on the trails at Taft.
Trails at Taft will re-open Saturday, October 24, at 1pm.

* Trails at Infirmary Mound Park and Lobdell Reserve will remain open to horses and all other users during the Taft closure.

TJ Evans Temporary Bike Trail Closure in Granville

Beginning Thursday October 22, a bike trail closure for a slip repair project will commence on the TJ Evans Bike Trail in Granville.

Closure Location: From the bridge just east of Maple Grove Cemetery east to Fairview Rd.

Closure Dates: Beginning Thursday October 22 and is expected to continue thru Friday October 30th.

*Note: Construction is only during weekdays. The bike trail will be open for use over the weekend, Saturday Oct 24 and Sunday Oct 25.

***For your safety, please observe all trail closure signs and instructions from work crews and Do Not cross into closed areas.

* At the parks, bring drinking water for your horses. There is no water available at any of the trailer parking areas.

The Ohio Canal Greenway is permanently closed to horses.

The Fairy Trail display ended September 30. The fairies return in May!

Remember to ~Call Before You Haul~ to the Trail Hotline at 740.349.4823 or check our Facebook page or website at LickingParkDistrict.com before heading out for the trails at any of our park locations.

Questions? Contact us at 740.587.2535 or by email at: Info@LickingParkDistrict.com