Buckeye Scenic Trail Bridge Replacement

GRANVILLE, OHIO (August 26, 2021) The Licking Park District (LPD) replaced the first bridge south of Irving Wick Drive East. It is 10’ wide with ODOT spec railing. The Buckeye Scenic Trail runs from Hopewell Dr to US 40 at Lakewood High School measuring 5.5 miles in length. It is used by many Heath and Lakewood students for training/conditioning of athletes.

This bridge and most others on the bike trail system in Licking County were built when the railroad tracks were converted to bike trails. Many are over 25 years old. The LPD manages most of the paved bike trails in Licking County and are responsible for repairing and replacing bridges as required. Solid decking is essential for pedestrian and bicycle safety.

The Park District works with Licking County Area Transportation Service to inventory and evaluate bridge integrity. This bridge work compliments paving and asphalt sealing projects done over the last two years.

These projects are made possible by the tax levy dollars provided by Licking County residents. We appreciate your support! The Licking Park District continuously monitors and makes improvements to your park system.
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Licking Park District’s Vision

It is the Vision of the Licking Park District to provide parks, paths, and trails of the highest quality to the residents of Licking County. Our goal is to maintain and improve existing facilities while pursuing opportunities for expansion. We provide passive recreational opportunities for the health, wellness, and education of our residents using resources that include public and private collaborations.
The Licking Park District manages over 1,600 acres of parkland on 12 sites and manages over 46 miles of paved multi-use trails across Licking County. The Licking Park District office, located at Infirmary Mound Park, is easily accessed from Rt. 37. Visit the website www.lickingparkdistrict.com to see all the programs and opportunities your Licking Park District offers or contact us at 740.587.2535 or by email at: Info@LickingParkDistrict.com