Johnstown Dog Park is Open!

GRANVILLE, OHIO (January 26, 2022) Dogs are now able to frolic off-leash at the new Johnstown Dog Park, which enjoyed its grand opening on November 12, 2021!

Made possible through collaboration between the Licking Park District and Village of Johnstown, the Johnstown Dog Park features small and large dog sections, complete with secure double-gate entryways, shade trees, pet waste stations, and safe fencing, for both pets and owners to enjoy.

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2021 Bike Trail Berm Project

GRANVILLE, OHIO (December 10, 2021) Following the completion of our recent paving project, the Licking Park District placed ground concrete berm material along the sides of some of the newly paved sections. After several asphalt overlays, the drop off on the sides of the trails can become pretty steep, and berming is an added safety feature for walkers and bikers.

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Phase 1 Playscape Complete

GRANVILLE, OHIO (November 12, 2021) The first phase of the Nature Playscape at Infirmary Mound Park is complete. The first phase features a serpentine hill that varies in height from 2.5ft to 5ft tall. Two tunnels run under the hill and a 4ft and 5ft slide bracket each end. Onsite Osage Orange trees, whose wood is extremely long lasting, were used to create climbing opportunities. Logs invite balancing and jumping and an inverted tree offers a unique climbing experience. The existing swing set has been outfitted with new seats, including an inclusive JennSwing. The JennSwing is a full body swing that offers children up to 125lbs with special needs the chance to experience the exhilaration of swinging and is designed to meet the American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for playground equipment. This area is aimed at young children to encourage unstructured nature play in a way that inspires creativity, exploration, and hands-on learning.

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Bike Trail Leaf Blowing

GRANVILLE, OHIO (October 4, 2021) The Licking Park District strives to maintain our bike trails at the highest level possible. Trails including the Buckeye Scenic Trail, Panhandle Trail & the TJ Evans Trail from W. Main Street in Newark to Johnstown were recently blown clean by Licking Park District staff. Wet leaves and fallen walnuts create hazards for bike riders and pedestrians.

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Rosanna Moore Shelter Dedication

GRANVILLE, OHIO (September 8, 2021) The Licking Park District (LPD) held a dedication ceremony on August 27th honoring long time volunteer, Rosanna Moore. Rosanna’s generous contribution paid for construction of the shelter at the Lobdell Disc Golf Course in Alexandria. She cared about the Licking Park District and volunteered many hours to make the parks a better place to visit and enjoy.

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Phase One of Nature Playscape Begins at Infirmary Mound Park

GRANVILLE, OHIO (September 2, 2021) Construction on the first phase of the Nature Playscape at Infirmary Mound Park began in early August. Natural playgrounds are a growing trend in the field of parks and recreation. These outdoor spaces are carefully created to facilitate unstructured play in a way that encourages creativity, exploration, and hands-on learning in nature. Research has found children show greater improved physical fitness, social and cognitive benefits as compared to traditional playgrounds.The overall playscape design was inspired by Granville’s Effigy Mound, an important part of the cultural history of Licking County. Like the mound, the playscape layout is long and narrow with 10 destination playscape elements along its length.

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Buckeye Scenic Trail Bridge Replacement

GRANVILLE, OHIO (August 26, 2021) The Licking Park District (LPD) replaced the first bridge south of Irving Wick Drive East. It is 10’ wide with ODOT spec railing. The Buckeye Scenic Trail runs from Hopewell Dr to US 40 at Lakewood High School measuring 5.5 miles in length. It is used by many Heath and Lakewood students for training/conditioning of athletes.

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Licking Park District 2021 Paving and Asphalt Sealing Projects

GRANVILLE, OHIO GRANVILLE, OHIO (July 15, 2021) The Licking Park District continues to collaborate with our municipal partners in Newark. We recently completed four bike trail paving projects and an asphalt sealing project.

Two sections of the TJ Evans bike trails in Newark were paved in June. The entire trail from W Main St in Newark to SR 16 (9,768 LnFt) in the Newark corp limit was paved, as well as a section from the historic iron bridge behind the Cherry Valley Hotel to the Gib and Lou Reese bridge over SR 16 (11,669 LnFt). In addition, the Licking Park District paved the TJE trail to the Granville corp limit near Maple Grove Cemetery and a section from Raccoon Valley Rd to Mounts Rd. In total, 5.5 miles of trails were paved in 2021. This compliments 4.5 miles paved in 2020.

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A Tale of Two Crayfish Species: Research at the Licking Park District

GRANVILLE, OHIO (April 5, 2021) The Licking Park District actively supports research that informs the management of our natural resources. Invasive species, and the detrimental impact they have on native species, are of particular concern. In 2020, The Ohio State University graduate student Krystal Pocock collected native crayfish from Lobdell Reserve as part of a larger project examining differences in leaf consumption by crayfish in Ohio. Crayfish are important to stream systems as they break down nutrient rich, coarse leaf litter. However, research has suggested streams with non-native crayfish have accelerated leaf litter breakdown and reduced standing leaf litter. This reduces available habitat and food for fish and aquatic macroinvertebrates and may lead to reduced biodiversity.

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Natural Surface Trail Conditions and Equestrian User Impact

GRANVILLE, OHIO (March 16, 2021) Every spring in Central Ohio, rain will be in the forecast, LOTS of rain. And every spring, the Park District faces the challenge of determining when trails are capable of handling the impact of horse traffic. Throughout the spring season, trails tend to be more saturated and hold more water, sometimes taking days to dry. Riding horses on muddy trails increases erosion. Once ruts are formed, they are negatively impacted by more travel and water. Because of this, occasional closures to horses are required. We ask that our equestrian friends assist us in maintaining our trails by avoiding trails that are closed to horses. Trail status can be checked on our website, Facebook, Twitter and our 24-7 Trail Hotline.

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