Licking Park District Volunteer Spotlight - November - Licking Park District

Trails at Infirmary Mound Park, Lobdell Reserve and Taft Reserve North and South are OPEN to HORSES. To report trees down and other issues, call 740-587-2535, or email us at ... See Parks & Trails page or Facebook for Park District COVID-19 notice.

Mirra Galbreath 

November’s Volunteer Spotlight shines on Mirra Galbreath! Mirra began volunteering last July, and has already become a valuable member of our LPD Volunteer Community! Mirra regularly volunteers for our Conservation Stewardship Projects such as trail maintenance; tree care and wild grapevine cutting as well as assisting during special events. I had a lovely Q & A style conversation with Mirra just before we trekked out to replace basketball nets and prune/restore a pine tree in Infirmary Mound Park. I proudly share and introduce LPD’s November Volunteer Spotlight, Mirra Galbreath!


 This is your last year at The Ohio State University, what’s your major? 

 Natural Resource Management, Bachelor of Science

 What are your plans after graduation? 

Oh, I do not know… I try not to think that far ahead!   {both of us are laughing}

Where do you see yourself in 1 year?

Likely stay local, working in Natural Resources for now. I’d love to eventually move to Oregon or one of the Carolinas… there’s nothing like those Blue Ridge Mountains! Have you ever been?


Oh you’ve got to! Put them on your bucket list! I love the trees and the landscape, that’s the thing that makes them so special… when you look at them, all you see are rolling trees against the hues of the skyline.. It’s magical. For now, I’ll stay close to family… I’d miss them too much if I left now.

You began volunteering this past July, what motivated you to become a Licking Park District volunteer?

I love working outdoors! I love the LPD! I’ve been running and visiting the parks for years so it’s a great feeling helping out in any way I can. The opportunities to be involved in actual projects, everyone is so lovely here. I also think it’s awesome that there’s predominantly females in leadership roles, which is pretty cool.

What kinds of volunteer projects interest you the most?

Trail maintenance and construction. Building trail infrastructure like boardwalks, bridges and culverts. I’ve done construction service projects for school and land trusts in the North Carolina mountains; Biloxi, Mississippi; and Athens, Ohio. I love bench cutting trails!

Do you have a wish list volunteer project? 

A shed at Lobdell Reserve for trail maintenance needs. I’d love a place to safely keep my tools (shovels, rakes, loppers, and other equipment), without having to keep them in my car or drive to Granville to pick them up. I think when you have a stewardship program, you need to have those resources available at each park for the volunteers. 

Do you have a favorite LPD park or trail?

Lobdell Reserve.

Favorite Podcast?

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard is my favorite podcast station.

Favorite Outdoor Activity?

Hiking and trail running.

What music is saved in your Spotify right now?

I have a few playlists, everything from Billy Joel, to Jon Pardy, Billy Cunningham, to Machine Gun Kelly. I always listen to Spotify in the car and in my headphones as I bike to class or am out on a run. 

Do you have any advice for anyone considering volunteering with the Licking Park District?

Do it! It’s such an amazing and friendly organization to volunteer with. Projects are vast and will allow for great growth in your skill set.

For more information on becoming a volunteer, please visit  or email/call:

Karen Jennings

Volunteer Coordinator 

(740) 587-2535