Licking Park District Receives Tap Funding for the Ohio Canal Greenway Project - Licking Park District

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GRANVILLE, OHIO (October 17, 2019) Licking Park District (LPD) is pleased to announce the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has selected LPD’s Ohio Canal Greenway project as a recipient of the Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) funding. The Ohio Canal Greenway is a multi-use rail-trail of cinder, grass, and gravel just south of Hebron, located on the old Ohio Erie Canal towpath. The project encompasses the asphalt paving of the cinder trail from Canal Park in Hebron to SR 79 near Top Cat Concrete at the Licking/Fairfield County line. The ODOT/TAP procedure follows a three-stage process; each stage subject to ODOT’s review of the project plan and approval. Stage one of the project, securing environmental clearance, will begin immediately with consultant selection in the next few months. In 2018, LPD improved the covered bridge at the trail’s midpoint using Community Development Block Grant money from Licking County in anticipation of receipt of the TAP award.

“The ODOT statewide bicycle and pedestrian planning program is focused on advancing bicycle and pedestrian transport throughout Ohio. The goals of the program are to ensure the safety and security of non-motorized users on the transportation system within the statewide transportation planning process … ODOT also lends support to local governments, governmental and non-governmental organizations and private citizens to encourage, educate, plan, and design pedestrian and bicycle facilities.” – Ohio Bike & Pedestrian Program Information

Currently, LPD is working to construct a gravel parking lot at the south end of the Ohio Canal Greenway trail to encourage citizen use. LPD is consulting with officials in Fairfield County to connect the south end of the trail to the new 4.1-mile multi-use trail on the dam at Buckeye Lake.