Prairie Plans! - Licking Park District

Trails at Infirmary Mound Park, Lobdell Reserve and Taft Reserve North and South are OPEN to HORSES. To report trees down and other issues, call 740-587-2535, or email us at ... See Parks & Trails page or Facebook for Park District COVID-19 notice.

We are dreaming in flowers here at Infirmary Mound Park. Prairie flowers that is! Coneflowers, wild bergamot, coreopsis, milkweeds, asters, and so many more. Fields full of color, wildlife, and pollinators. And now those dreams are becoming a reality.

 If you have visited Infirmary Mound Park lately, you may have noticed that the fields just to the west and south of the dog park have been mowed. We are excited to announce that this area will be the location of a prairie habitat improvement project resulting from a new partnership between the Licking Park District and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Vegetation will be removed from the area through the careful application of herbicide this fall, starting the week of Sept. 16th.  In the late winter/early spring the roughly 15 acres will be planted with the seeds of 34 wildflower species and 7 native warm season grasses. 

Restored prairie in Ohio
This restored prairie was done in Ohio by the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program. .
Photo by Donnie Knight Jr./USFWS.
Eastern Meadowlark

Grassland habitats in Ohio include prairies, pastures, meadows, and old fields. They support a large variety of plant and wildlife species and unfortunately are one of the habitat types that show the greatest amount of habitat loss. The new habitat at Infirmary Mound Park will provide critical habitat for pollinators, migratory grassland birds and other local wildlife species. In addition, it will provide accessible learning opportunities for our park programming and a beautiful landscape to relax in for our many visitors who use the trails. 

Monarch Photo by Kelly Pertee

This project also gives us an opportunity to monitor the changes in wildlife that occur! Citizen scientist volunteers began butterfly monitoring this year. This monitoring will continue annually, allowing us to determine if our habitat changes have helped attract new species. Monitoring projects will also include bird, Odonata (dragonflies), and iNaturalist inventories. If you are interested in volunteering in the future contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Karen Jennings, at to get started!

This area is intended as a first phase, with other areas of Infirmary Mound Park scheduled to be improved in the future.