Licking Park District Director, Rich Campitelli, reminds deer hunters that the LPD parks do not allow hunting. - Licking Park District

Lobdell Reserve trails on Disc Golf side will be closed to horses on Sat 9/7/19 and Sun 9/8/19

Licking Park District Director, Rich Campitelli, Reminds Deer Hunters that the LPD Parks DO NOT Allow Hunting.

Many Licking County residents enjoy the activity of hunting. Deer Gun Season for 2017 starts November 27th and goes through December 3rd. Licking Park District does not allow gun hunting for deer in any of its parks. Any activity of that kind should be reported immediately to an ODNR Wildlife Officer. Please be mindful of hunters and be careful during this season. Several of the lands, trails, and parks may have gun hunting on adjacent properties.

Some helpful tips for park user safety during this season are:

  1. Know hunting rules and regulations for your area and make sure you stay on park district land and trails. Do not cross onto other properties.
  2. Use extra caution at dawn and dusk. At all times wear bright colored clothing. If you hike with a dog or ride on horseback put bright colored vests on your animals.
  3. Be heard before you are seen. Make low noise or talk to be sure hunters know you are in the area.

The parks are beautiful all year round. We want our users to enjoy their “1,600 acre backyard” and to remain safe during their park activities.