Licking Park District Board of Commissioners Announces Hiring of New LPD Director, Rich Campitelli - Licking Park District

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New Licking Park District Director, Rich Campitelli

GRANVILLE, OHIO (September 1, 2017) “I am pleased and excited to announce our hiring of a new Licking Park District Director, Richard Campitelli.

Rich will be joining us on September 5th and comes to us from Athens, Ohio where he and his family live on a 13-acre farm. He also owns and cares for a 280-acre tree farm. He has a Master of Science Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ohio University, each with a concentration in recreational studies. From 2008–2017 he served as Director of Athens Community Arts, Parks, and Recreation. For eight years prior, he served as assistant director.

He is a member of the Ohio and National Parks and Recreation Associations and is the assistant chairperson of the Hock-Hocking Adena Bikeway Committee. He was honored by the City of Athens with the Leadership Award in 2012 for networking and community outreach.

Rich has been successful in writing and receiving a $352,000 NatureWorks Grant for a Path to Pond trail, a NatureWorks Grant for a Multi-Sports facility, and a Division of Watercraft Grant for a boat ramp and parking area.

The Licking Park District Board of Commissioners is excited about having Rich join our team and look forward to him helping us continue to enrich our community through our parks, paths, and trails.”

Steve Holloway,

LPD Board of Commissioners, Chair