Licking Park District’s Second Women’s Outdoor Skills Workshop Was A Great Success. - Licking Park District

Trails at Infirmary Mound Park, Lobdell Reserve and Taft Reserve North and South are OPEN to HORSES. To report trees down and other issues, call 740-587-2535, or email us at ... See Parks & Trails page or Facebook for full Park District COVID-19 notice.

Designed for women, whether beginners or seasoned adventurers, to experience outdoor recreational adventures, the Licking Park District (LPD) offered a day of workshops on June 22, 2017. Infirmary Mound Park was abuzz with the excitement of learning something new and spending time outdoors.

Over 40 women of all ages, from teens to those in their seventies, participated in birding, orienteering, nature photography, native plant gardening, and yoga. Many ventured out on Mirror Lake in canoes, kayaks, and on stand up paddleboards while others spent time at the water’s edge, fly-fishing. Several women learned for the first time, or brushed up on, their archery skills.

Fire-making drew proud comments from participants. “I did it! I made a spark using a piece of metal and flint. We also learned that vasoline on a cotton ball is good fire tinder. I never knew that,” said one excited participant. Expert instructors taught the skills necessary for learning the outdoor skills. A delicious box lunch was served.

This is a popular event and registration for each session is on a first come, first serve basis. Watch for this event next spring and enjoy the outdoors. There is something for every woman!

Whether you come to have fun, learn, relax, observe, play, or attend an event…LPD welcomes you!

Infirmary Mound Park offers a 4-acre fenced dog park for dogs to run and play off leash. Dogs must be on leash in all other areas of the LPD parks. (No dogs are allowed at Morris Woods State Nature Preserve in Johnstown, Ohio.)