Stone and gravel parking lot at Staddens Bridge Road completed - Licking Park District

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GRANVILLE, OHIO (April 13, 2017) In 2015, The Licking Park District purchased land, with levy money, on Staddens Bridge Road in east Newark with the intention of developing a parking lot, and a canoe and kayak launch area. The Licking Park District Board recently approved the development of the parking lot as a first step.

“The parking lot was chosen as the first part of this project in order to give easy access to the area that will be developed as the canoe and kayak launch area,” stated Bob Williams, LPD Director. “There are fewer steps in constructing the parking lot than the launch.”

For Licking County citizens and other canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts, this will be the second LPD launch area to the Licking River. The first is located south of Downtown Newark, within view of the Licking County Court House, at Riverview Preserve on Ohio Street.

The stone and gravel parking lot was completed on March 29th.

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