Hazardous Tree Removal Continues Along Licking County’s Multi-use Bike Trail - Licking Park District

Trails at Infirmary Mound Park, Taft Reserve North and South and Lobdell Reserve are OPEN to horses and all other users. **Bike Path Users: Use caution on bike path 1/2 mi. west of Reddington/Cherry Valley parking lot due to erosion area.

Licking Park District To Continue Hazardous Tree Removal Along Licking County’s Multi-use Bike Trail


GRANVILLE, OHIO (March 14, 2017) Prompted by citizen safety in 2016, the Licking Park District Board gave approval to begin a hazardous tree removal program along the bike trail. The board has given approval again for this year’s hazardous tree removal.

There are 45 miles of multi-use trail throughout Licking County. Last year’s hazardous tree clearing began in Newark and ended in Granville. This year, the tree removal will begin at South Main Street in Granville extending to the trailhead parking lot at Jersey Street in Johnstown. “The hazardous trees have been marked for clearing,” LPD Director, Bob Williams tells us. “We will be removing 404 dead, dying, and hazardous trees that would affect the safety of the trail users.” Work continues and should be completed no later than March 31st.

The multi-use bike trail in Licking County is a tremendous citizen resource. Taking this preventive measure has resulted in fewer calls to the LPD office about trail safety in Newark and Granville. Take time to walk, hike, run, or bike, and enjoy the trails.