Bike Trail Maintenance Agreements Have Been Finalized - Licking Park District

Bike Path Closures: Beginning Tues Dec 3, Buckeye Scenic Trail bike path: closed betwn Davis Rd & White Chapel Rd for bridge deck replacement. Beginning Thurs Dec 5, TJE Bike Path: closed btwn Concord & Windy Hollow for culvert replacement. ..................................... Taft trails closed to public Weds Dec 11 until 3pm. Infirmary Mound & Lobdell Reserve trails remain open to horses & all other users.

Bike Trail Maintenance Agreements Have Been Finalized by Licking Park District. LPD Takes Lead In Trail Maintenance.


GRANVILLE, OHIO (March 16, 2017) The Licking Park District (LPD), Granville, Heath, Johnstown, and Newark have finalized their maintenance agreements for the TJ Evans Bike Trails in Licking County.

There are 45 miles of multi-use trails throughout Licking County. The TJ Evans Foundation continues to own most of the trails. Initially Newark, Johnstown, Heath, and Granville were responsible for the maintenance of their portions. The Bike Trail Maintenance Agreements have created a partnership between LPD and these communities. The plan is to work together, leverage assets, and share costs in order to keep the bike trail safe for use, promoting health and wellness, and an active lifestyle.

“Five years ago during our levy campaign, LPD stated to the Licking County citizens that LPD would take the lead in the maintenance of the multi-use trail system in Licking County. We are ecstatic about the aggreements. Now all of the trails will be maintained at the same standard,” said Steve Holloway, LPD Board Chair. On February 22nd, the LPD board finalized the last agreement with the Village of Granville.

The Agreements open up communications between all participants to adhere to the same trail maintenance standards. LPD will perform trail inspections, setting standards for signage, mowing, vegetation control, and surface conditions. Costs on large projects, such as paving and sealing, will be shared. Because of these agreements, in 2016, Heath’s trails were sealed. In late spring of this year, Newark’s Goosepond Road to Sharon Valley Road and the YMCA to 21st Street portions of the trail will be paved. The Bike Trail Maintenance Agreements will currently operate under a 5-year initial term and a 5-year renewal.