Licking Park District Receives ODOT Funding for Eastward Multi-Use Trail Expansion - Licking Park District

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The Hopewell to Forry trail expansion project will build a safe crossing of Hopewell Drive.

The Hopewell to Forry trail expansion project will build a safe crossing of Hopewell Drive.

“I am excited to announce that Licking Park District (LPD) received notice from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) that we have been selected for funding from the Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) in the matching amount of $283.096.53,” said Bob Williams, Director of LPD. The trail system expansion is a collaborative effort involving the City of Newark, the City of Heath, the Licking County Planning Commission, and the Licking Park District.

The Hopewell to Forry Multi-Use Trail extension project will build a safe crossing of Hopewell Drive, and create a paved, multi-use trail from Hopewell Drive in Heath to Forry Street in Newark. This is just one stage of a larger trail project that will eventually connect the cities of Newark and Heath.

“The ODOT statewide bicycle and pedestrian planning program is focused on advancing bicycle and pedestrian  transport throughout Ohio. The goals of the program are to ensure the safety and security of non-motorized users on the transportation system within the statewide transportation planning process … ODOT also lends support to local governments, governmental and non-governmental organizations and private citizens to encourage, educate, plan, and design pedestrian and bicycle facilities. ODOT and MPOs have invested more than $118 million in bicycle-specific transportation projects – ranging from the creation of new bike paths and bike lanes to extending and modernizing existing bikeways. Over the next five years, ODOT will nearly double that total investment, with more than $92.5 million in additional bicycle-specific transportation projects … “ — Ohio Bike & Pedestrian Program Information

The project will be bid in the Fall of 2017 with construction commencing in the first half of 2018.