Depot Street Parking Lot in Alexandria getting repaved - Licking Park District

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Depot Street Parking Lot repaved

Depot Street Parking Lot (during)

Depot Street Parking Lot

Depot Street Parking Lot (before)

Friday, April 29, 2016

The parking lot at the end of Depot Street in Alexandria will be undergoing a repaving starting today.  This parking serves as a trailhead for the TJ Evans Bike Trail which travels from Johnstown to Granville and Newark, and has needed repair.

Starting today, April 29, the parking lot will be closed.  A portion of the blacktop is going to be removed (as shown in the picture on the right), the base will be inspected, and then this section will be repaved.  The rest of the lot will be cleaned and prepared for the entire lot to receive new asphalt.  The parking lot will be open for the weekend for trail users.

The parking lot will be closed again on Monday, May 2, as the entire parking lot will receive a new layer of asphalt.  The parking lot will reopen on Tuesday, May 3.

We hope that you will appreciate the improvement to the busy parking lot.  We have also removed some dead trees from the site, as well as woody vegetation to open up the area to more light and air.  Make sure to stop by on your next trip on the bike trail through the Alexandria area.

This projects is support by the Licking Park District levy.  We thank you for your support of the levy that makes this and other projects possible for the benefit of our community.  If you would like to learn more about this or other projects, please call the park district office at 740.587.2535.